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Name: Tiffany Bass

Class of: 2018

Hometown/Neighborhood: Born in Philadelphia, currently living in Maryland

Favorite subject: Math

Favorite extra-curricular activity/sport: Student Council

I chose Girard because: I think the better question is why I stayed at Girard. I entered Girard in 2nd grade. I stayed because I knew that Girard was full of opportunity, like being able to attend an alumni event in Texas or going to Atlanta for a diversity conference.

The best part of living in a dorm is: Creating a bond that will last forever. And creating sisters for life.

My favorite lesson last school year was: It’s all about who you know!

My favorite spot on campus is: The Admissions and Advancement offices. I love these places because the people that work there are the people I look up to. They encourage me everyday and it's always nice to know that they are looking out for me, even if it's giving me advice or food.

One thing I wish people knew about Girard is: Girard is a place where you can become whoever you want to be. If you want to become your best self you must take advantage of every single opportunity.

Girard first felt like home when: My second grade RA sung to me in order to cheer me up when I felt out of place.

My favorite Girard tradition is: Founder’s Day, because we are able to connect with older alumni who went through similar things to what I go through.

If I didn't go to Girard, I might have never: Become the woman I am today. Before Girard I was really shy. Now I am outgoing and feel like I can achieve anything. I also would not have made the connections that I have today.

On the weekends, I miss: Being surrounded by our beautiful campus.

I'd recommend Girard to anyone who: Is ready to work hard! Girard is not easy, but you will also be surrounded be a family that loves you to help you push through.


Name: Anjalee Pai

Class of: 2019

Hometown/Neighborhood: Olney, North Philadelphia

Favorite Subject: History

Favorite extra-curricular activity/sport: Soccer

I chose Girard because: of the friends I made. Everyone was kind to me, I felt at home, and I just knew I was going to enjoy it here.

The best part of living in a dorm is: that you live with your friends, all day every day for free. You get to have fun and work hard on your studies together!

My favorite lesson last school year was:

How to work with people. It is a life skill I feel like I am nearly close to perfecting because I live so closely to the same people for 6 years, I was able to adjust to their personalities, without affecting my own of course. I learned to cooperate with others and always knew that my mission at the end of my day was to graduate.

My favorite spot on campus is: the courtyard. I like seeing the entire high school come together as a whole to have fun.

One thing I wish people knew about Girard is: It’s meant to help, guide, and protect you to have a safe, guaranteed successful future.

Girard first felt like home when: I came to visit in the fourth grade. I was able to joke and laugh with everyone and I got comfortable easily. I knew I was going to fit in.

My favorite Girard tradition is: Cavalier Day. To see how much the high school students care about and engage with the lower school students is truly a warming and touching experience. You know it means the world to the little ones when the big kids hang out with them.

If I didn’t go to Girard, I might have never: become the woman that I am today. I learned a lot about myself because of the friends, RAs, and teachers who are always here for me as a third eye.

On the weekends, I miss: my friends. You get so used to living with them for nine months you don’t get how you’re gonna live without them for two days.

I’d recommend Girard to anyone who: is open minded. Boarding school life teaches you to overcome any obstacle coming your way, and that's the true Girard experience.


The class of 2019

I grew up in the Cheltenham and the Lawncrest neighborhood.

My favorite subject is my foreign language elective, I am learning the French language and will be attending Paris in March.

I am participating in many activities right now in Girard, and I enjoy each and every one of them, but my favorite is soccer, which I have every day and ccp class in the afternoon on Mondays and Wednesday.

I choose Girard because, during my first-grade year, I was attending a public school. The school was overcrowded and lacked faculty members to help teach students. My first-grade class was split in the middle with second graders because of how under staff they were and lacking facilities to place students. I couldn't even count pass 40 at the end of my first-grade year. We learned from some friends about Girard, and when I started school in second grade, it was like a whole new world. The student to teacher ratio was so much smaller, and the teachers were able to focus on helping my knowledge thrive and compensate for my lack of learning in first grade.

The best part about living in a dorm is being able to get somewhat of a feel for what college is like, and have some Independence from my parents.

My favorite lesson from last year is that I decide how to go with the energy that I bring into to it. My enthusiasm and the open mind will make anything enjoyable.

My favorite spot is the pavilion because it has very nice views of the campus.

I wish people knew the opportunities and great people who are working here at Girard.

My favorite Girard tradition is how alumni and students stay in touch regardless of what year they graduate Girard from, there are events in place to have past graduates come and see current students like Founders Day, the alumni vs student soccer game and many other traditions that help keep us in contact without brothers and sisters from past class.

If I've never gone to Girard, I would not have been able to be as much of these amazingly great people that I have right now.

On the weekends, I miss having all my friends steps away from me and all the amazing people that are around me.

I advise anyone to attend Girard who are open to what life has to offer and wants a chance to experience what college is like at a younger age.


Name: Victoria Kolawole

Class of: 2019

Hometown/Neighborhood: Far Rockaway, NY

Favorite subject: English

Favorite extra-curricular activity/sport: Softball and Newspaper

I chose Girard because: I’ve had family that have graduated from here and lead pretty successful lives, so I figured it was worth a shot. It isn't easy, but it is worthwhile.

The best part of living in a dorm is: The bonds you form with your classmates are unlike any other. All of my classmates aren’t necessarily best friends, but there is just an unexplainable connection there and that’s a beautiful thing.

My favorite lesson last school year was: When I was reading Ender’s Game in my 10th grade ELA (Thank you, Ms. Richman!), because that taught me a lot about myself. I was in process of getting to know who I was and I, being the third-born or the “Third” in my family, I identified with a lot of the emotions Ender described, one of which is not knowing where you fit in. To use Walt Whitman’s words, "I contain multitudes," I can’t just be defined as one thing and I thinks that’s pretty cool.

My favorite spot on campus is: That’s a hard one, between the high school library and the steps of Founder’s Hall, I’d have to go with the library. Its large windows display an amazing view of Founder’s Hall and have prompted a lot of impromptu photoshoots during later hours when I’ve finished one of my longer study sessions.

One thing I wish people knew about Girard is: Don't let the walls fool you, Girard isn't a school for bad kids. It’s also not for people who can’t handle it.

Girard first felt like home when: My first Cavalier Day, which now feels like forever ago, was amazing. We had events like Crazy Hat Race and Water Balloon Toss, and although I ended up semi-soaked because of my good-for-nothing hand-eye coordination, my seniors at the time (Kyle Hanna and my cousin, Ola Idowu) made lil’ol first-grade me feel like I had just won a marathon! I don’t remember if I was on Garnet or Steel, but I do remember enjoying my ice cream and not wanting be anywhere else but right there in that moment.

My favorite Girard tradition is: our spring and winter concerts. A lot of people don't understand how much work goes into them, but they are some kind of magical to me. The most recent spring concert we had was one of the best we’ve had so far, in my opinion. The Upper School Choir performed Beyoncé’s Pray You Catch Me and Boyz II Men’s End of the Road and the seniors did a little bit at the end where Rashae Benbow and Siddiq Rivera-Sabir did these heartfelt spoken parts. The set list, the mood, the message... everything was just there.

If I didn't go to Girard I might have never: Discovered how much I love softball. An RA suggested it and I just went along with it. It was really tough at first, given that I wasn’t as physically coordinated back then, but I kept working at it. Now, I’m hooked.

On the weekends, I miss: Walking back from dinner and seeing the sunset on the track. There is something calming about the way the sky manages to incorporate all of these differing hues and just fits them just right in with the landscape.

I'd recommend Girard to anyone who: Is looking for a gateway to something better. If there’s one thing Girard is known for, it’s its many success stories. From Brandon Dixon and Abu Fofanah to G’mrice Davis and Ola Idowu, the success stories that began in the Girard community come in many shapes and sizes! I pray I’ll make it there, as well. Hail Girard!

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in Girard College. At Girard, we offer a supportive atmosphere of encouragement paired with high expectations. Girard College has the distinction of being the only full scholarship, private 5-day boarding school in the city of Philadelphia.

Selecting the right learning environment for your child’s school is one of the most important decisions you will face and you will want to consider all of your options. With this in mind, we hope you will consider Girard College. Our challenging academic curriculum and character-building environment helps to develop well-informed, well-prepared and thoughtful students. Our 100% college acceptance rate is a testament to achievement of our students and faculty.

In this section of our website, you will find our Inquiry Form, Online Application for Admission, and instructions to guide you through the admission process. Our website offers an introduction to the many aspects of our distinctive program. However, we encourage you to visit Girard College in session. Experience our 43 acre urban oasis, the sound of students laughing in the hallways, the hustle of teammates on our athletic fields, the harmony in our music classrooms…the family that is Girard College.

Our team looks forward to meeting you!

Warmest Regards,

Rafhia Foster
Director of Admissions & Cultural Competencies

P.S. To learn more, please join us for a Tuesday Talk & Tour school tour where you can see for yourself what an inspiring and wonderful community Girard College is.