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Welcome to Girard College, a Unique Community of Learners!

A greeting from the Vice President of Enrollment Management:

I can point to the day when I drove onto the campus of Girard College for the first time.

I immediately phoned my mentor and unsuccessfully, but with full animation, tried to describe what I referred to as a “gold mine.” I had heard stories about the mysterious College, but none captivated me the way its campus did in real time.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia. Was it really possible that Girard had been hiding behind a 10-foot wall this whole time? This experience became the impetus for an impromptu research project. I needed to learn as much about Girard College as possible.

I learned of a school founded by a man of and before his time who sought to offer true access to under-resourced youth through education. The spirit of his vision resonated with me at once. That Girard College initially started for “orphan white males” gave me pause, but during that time it simply was not practical to create a diverse learning community. I would like to think that if alive today, Stephen Girard would find immeasurable value in seeding a school that spawned a Harvard Gates Millennium Scholar in 2015. I suspect a man with such vision would celebrate the idea of providing life-altering opportunities to as many children as possible.

It is said that “To whom much is given, much is expected.” When children are given the tools and resources to close the achievement gap, they realize their potential. Girard College has proven this for more than 167 years.

There are few environments with as rich a history and as powerful a story as Girard’s, but am confident there is more to be told. Each student who enrolls at Girard College has an opportunity to expand on the legacy Stephen Girard left in perpetuity.

We invite you to apply to become a member of our proud community and we look forward to watching your child’s story unfold.

Girard College changes lives!

Hail Girard!

Henry D. Fairfax

Vice President of Enrollment Management and Institutional Advancement

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