This event is a continuation of our year-long speaker series that reflects on some of the important changes at Girard College in the last fifty years, as well as that which has not changed: the core mission of providing access to educational excellence for economically-disadvantaged students. In addition to recognizing an important chapter in our history, our aim is to recognize women who are shaping Girard College today and tomorrow. Speakers will be long-time Girard College faculty member William Gallagher, and Chrishaunda Lee-Perez, author of We Come as Girls, We Leave as Women. Mr. Gallagher will share his perspective on the co-education of Girard College in the early 1980s and Ms Lee-Perez will follow with a lecture about the importance of female support systems and explore such topics as gender and generational differences. Chrishaunda released her first novel, We Come as Girls, We Leave as Women, about high school senior girls overcoming personal challenges as they head towards graduation.

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