On Thursday, September 26, 11th and 12th grade students from Girard College’s International Science Research class attended "Start Talking Science" at the Science History Institute. This is a public event run by the institute to promote one-on-one conversations between the public and scientists working in a variety of fields.

The Girard College students took advantage of the opportunity to speak with local researchers about the research they are currently conducting in the classroom.

Student Group

Ms. Monet Thomas-Anderson '07 thought this program would be the perfect opportunity for her students as they prepare to showcase at local science fairs later in the year. 

"It was a great experience for them to see scientists actively promoting their work," she said. "Some of my students are working on a project about using micelles [an aggregate of molecules in a solution] in drug delivery, others on new cancer treatments, sleep and cocaine addiction, and the use of computational models to answer some of science’s toughest questions."

By engaging with professional scientists, students are seeing how they can pursue a career in the sciences and develop their work into fundable projects. Any professional research organizations are encouraged to reach out for ways to collaborate with Girard students.

Students Looking at Poster