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Jane’s Walk
Keith Rice

Jane’s Walk: On May 5th at 11 AM Founder’s Hall will be participating in Jane’s Walk Festival, an annual celebration of urbanist Jane Jacobs featuring free neighborhood walking tours throughout Philadelphia. Join Kathy Haas, Girard College’s Director of Historical Resources, for a historical campus tour and conversation. No registration required—just meet at the Girard College sign outside the front gate. More information about this tour and other Jane’s Walk events at 

“A New Legacy: Co-Education at Girard College" 7 PM-8:30 PM Founder’s Hall
Keith Rice

This event is a continuation of our year-long speaker series that reflects on some of the important changes at Girard College in the last fifty years, as well as that which has not changed: the core mission of providing access to educational excellence for economically-disadvantaged students. In addition to recognizing an important chapter in our history, our aim is to recognize women who are shaping Girard College today and tomorrow. Speakers will be long-time Girard College faculty member William Gallagher, and Chrishaunda Lee-Perez, author of We Come as Girls, We Leave as Women. Mr. Gallagher will share his perspective on the co-education of Girard College in the early 1980s and Ms Lee-Perez will follow with a lecture about the importance of female support systems and explore such topics as gender and generational differences. Chrishaunda released her first novel, We Come as Girls, We Leave as Women, about high school senior girls overcoming personal challenges as they head towards graduation.

Registration and more information is at:

Thelma Davies is #1
Kristen Angelucci

Girard Junior is nationally-ranked.

“As soon as I started seeing what I could do with running,” says Thelma Davies, class of 2019, “I started planning. I want to go to college for free.”

It’s this mindset that propelled Davies to success after success, breaking state and national records and qualifying as All-American her freshman and sophomore years. Most recently, in the Virginia Showcase at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, Davies ran the 55-meter dash in 6.77s - the fastest time in Pennsylvania history and the tenth-fastest in United States history.

With these wins under her belt, you might forgive Davies for keeping her mind on the track. Yet this honor student has goals that extend far beyond her athletic abilities. “I take my academics seriously,” she says. “I’m doing so well in school, and I’m pushing myself harder, knowing that I just need to be the best I can be to get where I want to go. There are a few colleges looking toward me. I don’t want to go to college, and be only a track star. People retire in their twenties or thirties. I did research, and came up with sports medicine. I want to study kinesiology and minor in nutrition. I like knowing what’s good for the body. I like to know what’s healthy and not healthy, for myself and for other people."

Humble Davies credits Girard College for much of her success, from the support of her coach and teachers to her track “family.” Even our facilities give her an edge. “I feel grateful that we have an indoor track facility,” she says. “I ran with Penwood track team for three weeks, they run in the hallways. A lot of people run in the hallways, but it’s too much pressure on your arch and joints. I feel grateful for what we have.”

With over a year left in her collegiate career, Davies does not intend to slow down now. “I plan on continuing to have a tunnel vision mindset. I have goals, I’m going to reach these goals, and I’m not going to let people stop me. I try to be perfect as possible, but I know that I can’t. Some things are out of your control, but most of it’s on me.”

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MLK Day at Girard
Kristen Angelucci

The tradition continues!

On Monday, January 15th, our campus once again welcomed Global Citizen 365, as well as thousands from the community, to our renowned Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, followed by a concert by The Philadelphia Orchestra.


To Interim President Ava Willis-Barksdale, our continued support of this endeavor did not require a second thought; "As this year’s focus reflected on the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s Poor People’s Campaign, which, in part, suggested that all people should have what they need to live, we were proud to participate.  We believe that Stephen Girard also had this concept in mind in his desire to provide education to children for whom it was not guaranteed."


Two floors of the Armory teemed with volunteers, non-profits and community members. But the action wasn't limited to the gymnasium: from Good Friends to Founder's, our campus was alive with the energy of service. Todd Bernstein of Global Citizen reflects,"The Greater Philadelphia King Day of Service has found a home at Girard College for the ninth straight year, which really makes sense. The magnificent campus facilities accommodate thousands of volunteers from throughout our region and the civil rights history and involvement of Dr. King opening up this school to deserving students of all backgrounds make it the perfect place to hold this annual event.”

After a hard day's work, volunteers were treated to the sounds of The Philadelphia Orchestra and guest choirs and performers. After the concert, over 300 guests visited our historical collection in Founder's Hall for self-guided tours.


LaVonna Ricketts, Assistant Director of Operations and Business Systems, coordinated much of the day's events with our partners. She says, "The Global Citizen Martin Luther King Day of Service at Girard College is an incredible experience. As an alumna of Girard, current employee, and native Philadelphian, I can’t express how happy I was to see so many people gather on the campus that I love, in the city that I love, and put their hearts, minds, and bodies to work. This day is not only about service, but there is also a crucial focus on community, advocacy, education, and civil rights. I encourage everyone to participate annually if possible. There is tremendous value in this work, not only this day, but every day."


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