This list of resources can help Girard College families learn more about COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines as well as connect with local organizations for assistance throughout the coronavirus public health crisis.

Vaccine Information

Girard College believes that school is safer when everyone is vaccinated. We have all been making sacrifices for nearly a year because of this deadly disease, staying indoors, not being able to see family and friends the way we want to.

At this time, the COVID-19 vaccines are not approved in children under 16, but trials have begun. This is a good time to set your intention regarding your personal decision on vaccination for yourself and your family. Here is a list of resources that may be helpful to you:

Answers to Six Burning Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines

Local Doctor’s Message to the Black Community About COVID Vaccine
Penn Medicine’s Dr. Florencia Greer Polite

How to Sign Up for Notifications about the Vaccine

Limited supply of the COVID vaccine has made it very difficult to secure an appointment to receive the vaccine, even for those who are eligible. Many of the current online sign-up forms only allow for pre-registration so you can be notified when and how to make an appointment.

Please be mindful of security and privacy concerns whenever you enter personal information online. Girard College does not accept responsibility for the security of outside websites.



Delaware County, PA

Chester County, PA

Montgomery County, PA

Bucks County, PA

New Jersey



COVID-19 Training Video

This COVID-19 training video from Clinical Staffing Solutions provides a basic and relevant overview of COVID-19 symptoms, testing, isolation and quarantine. It also addresses when to seek a medical evaluation vs calling 911, issues with out of state travel, difference between high risk and low risk, recommended personal protection for each of these categories and other frequently asked questions.

COVID Training for Students and Staff
Password: CSSTraining1

Regional Resources


“Responding to COVID-19 in Pennsylvania”

“COVID-19 Data for Pennsylvania”

Masking Order and Guidelines

All Pennsylvanians are required to wear masks whenever they leave home, according to an order by Governor Tom Wolf on July 1, 2020. There are some exceptions, including for people who cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition and children under two years old.

“Gov. Wolf: Sec. of Health Signs Expanded Mask-Wearing Order”

“Why, When, and How to Use a Mask” – Philadelphia Dept. of Public Health

“Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19” – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Behavioral Health Resources

“Support & Referral Helpline Created for Pennsylvanians in Need of Behavioral Health Resources and Referrals During COVID-19 Public Health Crisis” – PA Department of Human Services


Philadelphia County

Where to find free, nutritious food during COVID-19

COVID-19 Testing Sites

Free pregnancy, baby, and toddler support during COVID-19

Food Stamps, Cash, & Medicaid
Intake: 1-800-692-7462

City of Philadelphia Office of Homeless Services
Shelter & Utilities Assistance
Intake: (215)686-7150

Child-care, Parenting and Home-Schooling Resources

Urgent/Non-Urgent Mental Healthcare

Staying connected during COVID-19 – Internet and Phone Information


Crisis Response Center

If your child is experiencing emotions or behaviors that may cause a life-threatening injury to themselves or others, please call or take your child to the crisis center. Open 24/7

Philadelphia Children’s Crisis Response Center
3300 Henry Avenue, Falls Center 2, Suite 3N, Philadelphia, PA 19129
(855) 558-6860


Delaware County

Child Guidance Resource Center/Family-Based Services

Family & Community Service of Delaware County

Delaware County Food and Meal Assistance COVID-19

Nutritional Development Services
Philadelphia, PA
Free and reduced price meals and snacks for children at schools, child care sites, summer programs & shelters.

Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Program
All of Delaware County
Food vouchers & nutrition education for pregnant women, postpartum women, infants & children up to age five.

Free and low-cost health services in Delaware County

COVID-19 Updates

Additional Resources in Delco


Montgomery County

Family Services of Montgomery County

Montgomery County Community-Based Supports & Services


Bucks County

Family Service Association of Bucks County


Chester County

Family Service of Chester County


New Jersey

Mercer County


Mental Health

Electric, Utility, Heating Bills

Food Banks


New York

Information on resources in New York is very limited at this time. Regional Enrichment Centers will be set up to take care of children of first responders and health workers.

New York City students are able to visit school locations this week for grab ‘n go meals from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at any school building. Breakfast and lunch meals will be offered at all schools — and you don’t have to go to your child’s current school to receive a meal. The city said students can go to their nearest public school location.



Kent County

Dover Food Pantries, Soup Kitchens & Food Banks

If you are having a psychiatric or substance abuse crisis and need assistance, please contact Mobile Crisis Intervention Services (MCIS): Northern Delaware Hotline, call: 800-652-2929
Southern Delaware Hotline, call: 800-345-6785


New Castle County

Mobile Crisis Intervention
1901 North Dupont Highway
New Castle, DE 19720

Phone Hot Line           (800) 652-2929
Main/Toll Free            (800) 652-2929
New Castle County     (302) 577-2484

New Castle Food Pantries



Wilmington Food Pantries


Catholic Charities – Delaware

It is important to call to find out where and how to apply for assistance.  To contact Catholic Charities call:

  • Kent County: (302) 674-1782
  • New Castle County: (302) 654-9295
  • Sussex County: (302) 856-6310



Suicide Prevention Hotline
1-800-273-8255/ Text or Call