Dear Girard College Community,

An important part of Girard College continuing to be a venerable institution is that we aspire to improve the quality of education, not only here but in the United States and the world. Girard is an accredited member of the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools. The MSA is a network of schools in the US and internationally that provide a network of resources for the promotion of standards and proven practices in education.

Every seven years, in accordance with our membership with Middle States Association, we conduct a full year of reflection and formal self-study. 2019-20 is that year. We are asked to select one of the two protocols to guide our process and we have chosen “Excellence By Design.” We will follow the procedures and guidelines of the protocol and work with our new Strategic Plan as our compass.

Next year, we will have a team of volunteers from other MSA member schools form our Visiting Team with a chairperson. That small team will collaborate with us, review our self-study and make their recommendation to MSA that we successfully meet all 12 of the MSA accreditation standards. We will also have demonstrated that we have adequate plans for our objectives for improvement and growth. Most importantly, I believe, is that we assure there is a solid, dependable and uncompromising structure in place which undertakes ongoing institutional evaluation so that our plans become reality.

Our calling as professional educators is to understand fully everything that goes into the culture of a school and the art and the science of instruction and learning. We must keep ourselves current and relevant because we serve children who must be able to live the future well, and as Mr. Girard hoped, they must also be able to be productive citizens.

I look forward to keeping you up to date and informed about the progress of the accreditation self-study and our work for the ongoing improvement and growth of our school.

Hail Girard!
Cannie C. Shafer
Director of Accreditation and Assessment

Accreditation Planning Committee 2019-20

  1. Dr. Heather Wathington, President of Girard College
  2. Cannie C. Shafer, Director of Accreditation and Assessment
  3. Emma Rivers, Administrative Assistant for Accreditation and Assessment
  4. Kymelle Clark, Dean of Counseling and Student Affairs
  5. Lisa Belfield, Director of Data Strategy and Impact
  6. Jon Tucker, Vice President of Operations
  7. Rafhia Foster, Director of Admissions and Enrollment/Cultural Competency
  8.  Stan Bobowski, Managing Director of Education
  9. Dr. Michelle Williams, Academic Dean of High School, 11th – 12th
  10. A.J. Ernst, Dean of High School Academy
  11. Amber Alexis, Dean of Residential Life
  12. Clinton Walters, Controller, Girard Estate
  13. Tara Pelosi, Elementary School Faculty
  14. Corey Durkin, High School Faculty
  15. Tim Farward ’93, Alumni
  16. Liani Torres, Parent ’20
  17. Justice Ricketts ’20, President of Student Body
  18. Sylvia V. Bastani, CFRE, CPC, Vice President of Advancement and Strategic Partnerships
  19. Bernard W. Smalley, Esq., Chairman, Board of Directors of City Trust