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Young Alumni Support

Young Alumni Support

Girard College is committed to the success of its alumni. The Office of Young Alumni Support is responsible for ensuring that our recent graduates (10 years or less) are successful in completing their educational and career goals. Once students graduate from Girard, they remain in contact with their Alumni Advisor who follows-up with students to ensure that they are on track toward completion of their educational and career goals that were established while they were in high school. Here are just a few ways we support our alumni:

  • Tactical support navigating your college systems (financial aid, student affairs and academic support).
  • Scholarship support and assistance.
  • Individual coaching sessions (virtual or in-person) aimed at keeping you on track and making sure you maximize the services and resources available to you at your school.
  • Internship/employment connections
  • Skill-building workshops and other alumni events targeting college students to keep you connected to your peers and Girard.
  • Graduate school application assistance
  • Essay-writing assistance
  • Coaching
  • Regional alumni receptions