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The College Process

College Flags

Girard's Office of College Advising begins to work with students as early as the 9th grade, using the college and career guidance software Naviance to assist students in preparing career-interest inventory assessments and to explore areas of possible career interest based on knowledge, skills, abilities, and interests. This is augmented by learning styles assessments; each student completes an assessment that will identify their individual learning styles. Based on the results, the students can use this information to focus on their strengths and employ techniques that will best situate their learning styles.

We attribute much of the success of our high school students because we realize the importance of test preparation. Our students receive test preparation for the PSAT/SAT/ACT beginning in the 10th grade and will have that exposure through the 12th grade. The focus for Grades 9 and 10 is on study skills and improving test-taking strategies to boost student performance on the PSAT, in the classroom as well as on high-stakes standardized assessments. Grades 11 and 12 focuses on the college admission tests, SAT and ACT

Pathway to the Future

9th Grade
  • Begin introducing students to Naviance
  • Interest inventory assessments
  • Career exploration
  • Educational goals setting
  • Career goal setting

10th Grade
  • Course Selection and Progression
  • Building the extra-curricular resume
  • Volunteerism
  • PSAT
  • SAT/ACT Test Prep
  • College visitations

11th Grade
  • SAT/ACT test prep
  • SAT/ACT test administration
  • Career refining
  • Occupational outlook
  • Compensation Averages
  • College Visitations
  • Scholarship Process
  • Financial aid readiness
  • Advanced Learning
  • Dual Enrollment

12th Grade
  • College visitations
  • College interviews
  • Application process
  • Scholarship process
  • Financial aid completion