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Support and Counseling

The Girard College Counseling program is an integral part of the educational program of the school. It is a developmental and comprehensive outcomes-based system for facilitating the personal (social, emotional, educational and career) development of all students.

The counselors both in the academic and residential settings assist students, parents, educators, other mental professionals, and community members to provide a learning environment in which all students develop self-esteem, decision-making skills, responsible citizenship and career goals. Through individual and group work with students, the counselors provide leadership in educational reform both scholastically and residentially.

Our school's social worker administers an array of mental health and social services designed to address the consultative, advocacy, educational, social and emotional needs of the Girard College community.

This team collaborates with the necessary stakeholders to find effective solutions for learning and behavioral concerns. All members of our counseling program are bound by ethical standards regarding practice and confidentiality.