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The Girard College Alumni Association is a social organization that exists to honor our benefactor, Stephen Girard, the founder of Girard College, by being of service to Girard College, its students and alumni by providing support to those activities, Girard College students and alumni that may be deemed worthy of such assistance.

All former students of Girard College are encouraged to join the Alumni Association. It will promote a spirit of assistance and camaraderie among the members who have shared in the educational and special experiences of life and upbringing while attending Girard College. The Girard College Alumni Association is a powerful source in terms of helping one another, influencing the growth of the school and perpetuating the memory of Stephen Girard.

The growth of the Association is continuous and can provide many services not only to fellow members but also in assisting the school in its relationship with federal, state, and local governments.

Corporations and foundations want to be assured that alumni are solidly behind an educational institution in terms of membership and financial contributions before they make committments to fund grants to that particular school.

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GCAA Vision Statement

Founded in 1900, the Girard College Alumni Association has provided assistance to students and alumni in furthering their needs of daily living in addition to funding scholarships. The Association as it goes into the future is redefining its mission and reaffirming its commitment to provide to the alumni, students, and Girard College, assistance with the necessary tools and expertise that may be needed to improve conditions and reward excellence.

The Association will at all times preserve the traditions of the school both educationally and in daily living so that the Girard experience will not be without historical background and reason for being. The Alumni will assist in areas of funding, but will maintain its own organizational structure and funding ability.

The acceptance of the Alumni Association as an integral part of the school must be strengthened through representation on the Board of Managers and on such other bodies which will further the aims of the Alumni Association and the school at the same time.