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Student Records

For current students and more recent alumni, please explore the Transcripts section below.

For information on an ancestor, family member, etc., often for the purposes of genealogical research, please see the Archives Search section below.


Current Students

To request copies of your official transcript to be sent to post-secondary institutions, you must contact the Guidance Office at 215-787-4439.

To request copies of your transcript to be sent to other high schools, and for all other records, contact the Admissions Office at 215-787-2621.

Alumni and Former Students

To request copies of your student records and/or official transcript, please fill out this form and email or mail to Ms. Melinda Garcia. If you have questions or would like to make an appointment to pick them up, please call her at 215-787-2621.

Melinda Garcia
Girard College Admissions Box #121
2101 S. College Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19121

Descendants of former students

You may obtain your ancestor's transcript by emailing Melinda Garcia. You will incur a $5.00 charge if you only want the transcript.

However, in the event that you are interested in an "archives search" wherein you would obtain as much information as we have on your ancestor, please see the column to the right.

PLEASE NOTE: Girard transcripts do not exist prior to 1923.

Archives Search

At no cost, we can confirm by e-mail whether a student attended Girard College, and their dates of entry and departure.

We offer a fee-based research service for descendants interested in further information about former Girard College students. This service is primarily designed to assist family genealogists with a former student's home addresses, parents' names, etc.

  • For a student who entered Girard before 1910, the search fee is $40.00
  • For a student who entered Girard after 1910, the search fee is $50.00
  • To search the archives for two siblings is $75.00
  • For more than two siblings, the fee will be determined.

Contact us for more information.

To order a search, please download and complete the Student Archives Search Form and return it by mail, along with your check made payable to "Girard College" to:

Kathy Haas
Director of Historic Resources
Girard College #116
2101 South College Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19121-4857

Please note the following restrictions:

  • We do not search the records of a living alumnus or alumna, without his/her written permission.
  • Due to the time-intensive nature of the archives search process, please allow at least six weeks to receive your reply.
  • We begin processing the request when we receive a check made payable to "Girard College." We deposit checks upon their receipt, not at the end of the search.
  • No Student Archives Searches occur in July and August; they resume in September. If you are interested in pursuing a Student Archives Search, you may continue to send in requests with checks during the summer months. We log them into our system in order of date received, so requests received during the summer will be the first completed in the fall. Your check is very likely to be deposited before you receive your search results; our financial protocols do not permit us to hold onto a check for more than one month.
  • There is no guarantee we will find useful data for a particular individual. For students who entered Girard before 1910, the average search will yield only five pages.
  • The fee covers the time of the search and because of the complications of record storage, it takes us the same amount of time to search a scanty as a voluminous record.
  • Due to the massive size of many of the student-record ledgers, we are unable to send photocopies of most original documents. We will extract data from the ledgers and enter it into a standard information form.
  • The Student Archive Records remain the property of Girard College and are not available to outside researchers.