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Residential Life and Extended Day Program

Residential Life

Girard College’s residential program is committed to educating the whole child. Residential Advisors (RAs) implement programs to support and encourage the students’ development in academics, character and emotional and social growth. Through the residential curriculum, students are taught the skills they need to achieve academic and personal excellence. RAs stay in constant communication with parents and academic faculty to ensure student success and well-being.
RAs live in the dormitories with their students, providing a warm atmosphere and nurturing community. Sections are organized by grade level and gender, and each section has its own decor and personality. RAs enthusiastically organize activities for students such as baking cookies, watching movies, learning dance routines or making holiday gifts for family and friends.

In the residential program, elementary/middle school students are given room to grow both socially and academically as they prepare for high school. When students enter high school, the RAs ensure students’ academic success by reinforcing study skills and encouraging their future aspirations.

Extended Day Program

The residential program at Girard College offers a unique set of benefits and opportunities for all students by providing continuing educational learning experiences through the Extended-Day Program (EDP). EDP takes place during after-school hours and is an essential component of the residential program. During the EDP, students are exposed to new things so they may discover and pursue their passions.
EDP activities support five specific topical strands:
1. Advanced Learning and Academic Support
(such as test prep, chess, financial literacy)
2. Performing Arts and Culture
(such as dance, claymation, poetry)
3. Service and Community
(such as volunteering at SPCA or the campus garden)
4. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
(such as 3-D printing, coding, boat-building)
5. Wellness
(nutrition/cooking, yoga, swimming)