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Rochelle Johnson Selected for Distinguished Service Award

For the past 20 years, Girard College has presented the Distinguished Service Award to a member (or members) of the staff that exemplify the highest quality of work, a positive attitude, and commitment to the goals of the College. Recipients of this prestigious award must demonstrate a dedication to the mission of the school, an outstanding level of professionalism, and evidence of a significant contribution to the community.

Mrs. Rochelle Johnson, who came to Girard College in 2016 as a Math Teacher in the Elementary and Middle School, fits this criteria perfectly. She has made Girard College a better place through her inventive instruction and caring presence.

Take this lovely nomination as an example of the impact she has made on her colleagues and students:

“Mrs. Johnson’s math class is one of excitement and intrigue, which is unlike any math class that I have experienced! She has an unique way of providing students with structure while allowing them to be themselves, proving that she cares about the entire student and not just their math performance.

Mrs. Johnson goes above and beyond the call of duty by staying after school each day to tutor students, support after school activities, and assist in the personal pursuits of students.

In addition to her tireless work as a teacher, Mrs. Johnson has lent her expertise to the teachers’ union when a role needed to be filled, and has assisted staff members with improving their pedagogy to better serve the students at Girard. Mrs. Rochelle Johnson is the absolute personification of Girard’s core values and thus deserves to be the 2019-2020 recipient of the Distinguished Service Award.”

Mrs. Johnson ensures that every student that comes to her class feels special and appreciated.

This year’s announcement was made at the virtual end-of-year staff party, but rest assured the community plans to celebrate Rochelle properly when we are back on campus! Her award comes with an engraved plaque and a monetary award.

Nominations for the Distinguished Service Award can come from fellow staff members or current students of the school. Any potential recipient must have a minimum of 3 years of service to be eligible.

Previous Distinguished Service Award Winners:

2000 — James Sypherd
2001 — Keith Steininger
2002 — Marion Saunders
2003 — William Gallagher
2004 — Sabrina Allen
2005 — James Wiant
2006 — Hazel Donnelly
2007 — William Marsee
2008 — Robert Fisher
2009 — Richard Olivastri
2010 — Kevin Giorno
2011 — Kerry Porter and Jason Smith
2012 — Barbara Wright
2013 — Tyrone Carter
2014 — Christine Enedy
2015 — Kathy Gillard
2016 — Paul Eaton and James Flanagan
2017 — Matthew Herrera and Michael Wood
2018 — Leonard Roberts
2019 — Andrew Wright

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