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I know you have come to this page for a reason – you, like me and a growing number of advocates, cannot turn a blind eye to poverty in Philadelphia. I believe that education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. This is why our work here at Girard College is so important. Our children deserve high-quality education, regardless of their neighborhoods or networks. For 170 years, Girard College has offered just that.

This historic institution is proud to provide a unique, first-rate academic and residential experience for some of the most traditionally underserved students from our city and beyond. We remain committed to preparing students for success in life and work. We envision our students as active, independent individuals, able to productively contribute to their world and to work intentionally to achieve their dreams. In the likeness of our founder Stephen Girard, these individuals will be lifelong learners, eager to take risks, to innovate, and to succeed.

Girard College is emerging from a period of deep reflection, including a recent Strategic Planning process, into a time of growth and change. We are moving forward, seeking the best opportunities for our community while staying true to our mission and our guiding principles.

As I begin my journey at Girard College, I invite you to join me, and so many others who work tirelessly for the children who need it most. Your support today means a better tomorrow for young learners who will shape our world forever.

Heather Deneen Wathington
President, Girard College