Facility Rentals

Rent space for your meeting, wedding, sports event or other memorable occasion at historic Girard College! Our available rental spaces include signature sites like Founder’s Hall, the Chapel, and the Armory. To inquire about these and additional spaces, please complete the Rental Inquiry Form.

Founder's Hall

When Stephen Girard (1750-1831) wrote his will, he dreamed of the extraordinary boarding school he wanted to establish, going so far as to include many details about the buildings and preferred materials. We are sure that he would be proud of the scale, grandeur and beauty of Founder’s Hall, the first building constructed for the school and still the “jewel in the crown” of our lovely campus. Founder’s Hall was the result of an architectural contest won by Thomas U. Walter, who later worked on the U.S. Capitol and Philadelphia’s City Hall. Today, Founder’s Hall holds the school’s museum and offers large and elegant space for various kinds of events.

The Chapel

On any campus, the Chapel would be considered a remarkable building. Completed in 1933 and designed by a prominent Philadelphia firm, the Chapel contains the fifth largest pipe organ in the city of Philadelphia, the last fully design by E.M. Skinner. Its exterior boasts a complex collection of varied religious icons, although the building was designed to be non-sectarian. The Chapel seats 2,400.

The Armory

Built in 1924, the Armory was designed to allow the school’s quasi-military battalions to drill inside during inclement weather. Serving today as Girard College’s gymnasium, the Armory holds four regulation-sized basketball courts upstairs and six badminton courts downstairs, girls and boys locker rooms and a raised track. Our campus also boasts many large athletic fields, including bleachers, scoreboards and more.