At Girard, we are committed to helping our children grow as students and as people. We want our students to be curious, to take academic risks, to find their strengths, to collaborate and commune with others, and to be lifelong learners and active citizens.

A Supportive Staff

Girard’s faculty members employ the latest educational strategies in thought-provoking and engaging lessons. A mastery-based, interdisciplinary approach provides a solid foundation for reading, writing, math, and other core subject areas, along with ample opportunity for cooperative learning experiences. Students participate in art, music, physical education, health, science, and foreign language classes, all the while developing 21st-century skills and competencies with a growth mindset.

Middle School

Middle School aged students (Grades 6-8) enjoy their own identity as they remain connected to the Elementary grades and to the High School. It is a critical time period in the development of our students. Academic and extra-curricular experiences contribute to an increased sense of belonging and ownership. Students learn how to make healthy decisions and assume increasing independence and responsibility for their choices and actions.

The Middle Grades curriculum fosters curiosity and a desire to achieve at a high level, exhibits the importance of collaboration, and builds the confidence needed to succeed in high school, college and beyond.

A Foundation for the Future

A good education is a stepping stone to a happy, successful and fulfilling life. Girard College was founded to help ensure that all children are prepared for the future by providing them with a strong academic and moral foundation. Our elementary and middle school programs start kids off on the right track—reaching out to them during their formative years, guiding them in their intellectual and social development, and shaping them into productive, responsible, and caring adults.