Girard College is a full-scholarship boarding school that fosters intellectual curiosity, social development and emotional growth in academically focused students from underserved communities. We ensure every student the opportunity and the means to achieve excellence and preparation for advanced education through purposeful academic and residential programs.

Our Core Values

Respect. Responsibility. Integrity. Courage. Compassion.

Expectations for Girard students are based on these core values. Each value is supported by a set of belief statements that guide our interactions every day.


Acknowledge your feelings and those of others

Appreciate differences and display a positive attitude through challenges

Demonstrate courtesy, gratitude and thankfulness

Recognize your self-worth, while treating others with dignity and understanding


Be accountable for your decisions and actions

Be reliable and communicate with sureness

Engage in your learning and take ownership of your actions

Fulfill duties and demonstrate stewardship


Be honest and trustworthy

Do the right thing in all circumstances

Honor your commitments

Speak up for the truth and against injustices


Develop self-discipline

Persevere through adversity and remain steadfast in pursuit of your goals

Reframe setbacks as opportunities for growth

Stand up for what you believe and express self-advocacy


Be of service as a citizen of the community

Build mutually supportive relationships

Demonstrate kindness and caring toward others

Seek to understand and empathize with others

Principles of Our Community

Girard College believes that a diverse and inclusive community is a learning environment that prepares our students for the world they will face upon completion of our program. We desire a community in which a diverse population can live and work in an atmosphere of trust, understanding, appreciation, and mutual respect for each individual. We reject all prejudices, particularly those based on race, ethnicity, national origin, culture, religion, socioeconomic status, gender, learning styles, disability, age, or sexual orientation.