Girard College High School empowers students with the skills, habits, and mindsets required to add value to the world. Together, our coalition of students, families, practitioners, and community partners lead meaningful change that is locally relevant and globally informed.

College Preparatory Curriculum

The Girard College High School curriculum challenges students to be critical thinkers and problem solvers. These 21st century skills allow students to gain independence and direct their own learning, preparing them for the challenges of college and beyond.

The high school’s innovative curriculum is rooted in project-based learning. Real-world problems rarely fit into distinct categories, and by applying content knowledge to hands-on scenarios, students learn how to approach complex issues from a variety of perspectives. Our teachers become facilitators and mentors by responding to students’ individual strengths and interests instead of simply disseminating information.

Focus on Social Impact

Girard College prepares students to be conscientious citizens and engage in society in impactful ways. Service learning is built into the curriculum through strategic partnerships with leading organizations throughout the city of Philadelphia. The city becomes the campus as students develop leadership skills while tackling issues of equity and ethics.

College Guidance

Students receive individualized college counseling and coaching beginning in the 9th grade. The College & Career Office supports students and families with resources throughout the college application process to help every student find the right fit for the next step in their career.

Our college preparatory experience includes:

  • PSAT/SAT/ACT Test Preparation
  • Service Learning
  • Dual Enrollment with Community College of Philadelphia
  • Essay Writing Assistance
  • Scholarship/Financial Aid Assistance
  • Mock College Interview Practice
  • College Identification and Selection