At Girard College High School, our classrooms promote our core values by developing independent thought, encouraging students to voice individual opinions, and trust that students will listen to and value one another’s opinions with compassion. Cooperative discussions, one-on-one conferences with faculty, and individual work encourage students to think and perform independently and to solve problems in innovative ways.

Critical Thinking

We challenge our students to be critical thinkers and independent learners who are inquisitive, confident and resilient. We provide a standards-based and cognitive-challenging education that’s informed by student data. We utilize teaching methods that are anchored in the principals of inquiry and that encourages every student to authentically and actively engage in their learning. We provide feedback that’s instructive, specific and timely to all students. The goal of the academic program is to provide students with the tools and opportunities they need to be critically engaged and active changemakers in our society.

Empathic Stewardship

The coursework of the High School empowers students to see their community through a global lens and to craft thoughts that come from evidence based analysis. Information literacy skills — the ability to locate, evaluate, and use information critically — are taught in the context of effecting change in our communities through rigorous instruction, project based learning, and community partnerships. We want students to develop deep empathy so our curriculum emphasizes student voice so students can make meaning of their learning in authentic ways. Students have options of community based learning programs to promote career development and make an impact in their community. These experiences ensure students develop as conscientious citizens and engage in society in impactful ways. The city becomes a larger campus as students develop leadership skills while tackling issues of equity and ethics.

Future Ready

Each year, students are engaged in grade level seminars to build life skills, intentionally prepare for future careers and learning experiences, and build strong social competencies to ensure they can succeed in their future.

Intentional Exposure

Courses in the arts are required, as we believe that creativity is an important complement to analytic thinking and value its role in all aspects of life. Varied electives enhance our Course Offerings to prepare students to be cutting-edge 21st century leaders.


In addition to the core academic curriculum, every student must take courses in health and fitness to promote wellness and the mind-body integration essential to adolescent development.

Dynamic Community Partnerships

The academic curriculum expands beyond the walls of the high school building and campus, and into the community. Students have opportunities to take Dual Enrollment classes at several institutions of higher education across the city. Seniors engage in a 3 month senior project that allows them to spend time off campus engaged in work environments, including internships and volunteering at non-profit organizations.