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Hail Girard!

The Girard Difference

Selecting the right learning environment for your child’s school is one of the most important decisions you can make. Girard College provides a weekday campus home that is optimal for learning. Students benefit from a living and learning environment during the weekdays paired with essential time together with family and community on the weekends. This thoughtful balance builds responsible study and life skills so students can thrive in all ways.

Embraced by the Girard family, students experience structure with support, guided independence with responsibility, and an expansive space to safely explore and grow—intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Through challenging academics and transformative experiences, they are empowered to build on their strengths and shape their own success.

Located in Philadelphia on a beautiful 43-acre campus brimming with historic architecture, students and faculty have access to all the remarkable facets a major city has to offer. From project-based learning opportunities to collaborative partnerships with esteemed organizations, students can discover new interests or explore passions through direct interactions with leaders who want to share their expertise.

Readiness to learn and academic success are closely linked to social and emotional growth, a key component of a Girard education. Every student who shows a need is fully supported by a Student Achievement Team composed of counselors and specialists who help address difficult topics, establish meaningful relationships, and work together with the student to make constructive progress.

Students fully embrace their tight-knit community and shape each other’s lives through reciprocal mentorship. A strong lifelong bond develops among older and younger students and alumni—a unifying pride in being Girardian.



LYNDA HARDY P '21 | Proud Girard Parent