At Girard College, we pursue excellence in all areas, and that includes communicating with our families.

As part of our commitment to establishing and nurturing a productive relationship with the parents and guardians of our students, we offer several opportunities for parent involvement:

  • Registration in September (one parent/guardian must be present to register his/her child)
  • Family-Teacher Conferences (dates below; attendance is required)
  • Four Family meetings (attendance is required)

The 2018-19 dates to note are as follows:

Registration Tuesday, September 4th

Family Meetings

Sunday, October 14th

Sunday, January 13th

Sunday, April 14th

High School Family-Teacher Conferences

Friday, November 30th

Friday, April 27

Elementary-Middle School Parent-Teacher Conferences

Friday, December 21st

Friday, April 26th

Parent Ambassadors

The Girard College Parent Ambassadors committee (GCPA) is a select group of parent volunteers dedicated to supporting the mission of Girard College. As word-of-mouth marketing helps to attract, yield and retain the most mission-appropriate students and families to the College, this esteemed group is charged with sharing their experiences and telling their unique stories to prospective families and those interested in learning the Girard story through the lens of a parent.

Overall Mission:

To promote the “Value Proposition” of a Girard College education.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Support the Enrollment Management Office to identify, enroll and retain mission-appropriate applicants
  • Help build the sense of community and school spirit to reduce attrition
  • Strengthen the “Girard brand” within the internal Girard College community
  • Increase visibility in external arenas conveying the value of a Girard College education