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Fine and Performing Arts

At Girard College, the arts are an important part of educating the whole child.

Arts education cultivates the whole person by gradually developing intuition, reasoning, imagination and dexterity. The process results in a well-trained and active mind. Our students learn that there are many ways to think and express themselves. Studying the arts stimulates the creativity necessary to learn and develop in a complex society. All students deserve access to the rich education and understanding that the arts provides.

Areas of Study

Elementary/Middle School

  • General Music in grades 1-8
  • Introduction to piano in third grade
  • Band (grades 4-8, instruments provided)
  • Chorus (grades 3-8)
  • Private and group instrument instruction
  • Seasonal concert series
  • Songwriting and recording project (fifth and sixth grade alternating years)
  • Art studio
  • Gallery space
  • Spring art gallery for all grades

High School

  • General music (grade 9)
  • Chorus
  • Band
  • Select jazz/pop band
  • Piano class
  • Hand bell choir (student directed)
  • Dance instruction
  • Fully equipped art studio
  • Annual studio art shows
  • Vocal and instrumental music at all levels

The Power of the Arts

We believe that the arts:
  • Facilitate the development of mind, body and spirit
  • Enhance students' abilities to think creatively, critically and reflectively
  • Add depth and dimension to our everyday lives
  • Are a fundamental form of human expression and communication
  • Allow us to interact within others, sharing both our similarities and differences
  • Expand our imaginations
  • Help to develop the attitudes, characteristics and intellectual skills to thrive effectively in society today
  • Promote self-esteem
  • Promote teamwork and cooperation