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Adeshina T. ’25 Wins ORISE “Sounds of STEM” Contest with Chemical Reactions Rap

If you’re a 7th grader studying chemical reactions, how do you make the subject more interesting? By writing a rap about it, of course!

Adeshina T. ’25 recently did just that, bringing to life this scientific concept by using GarageBand to write and record an original rap and then make a music video using Kapwing. Playing off a metaphor of rhymes reacting with a beat, Adeshina’s lyrics detail different types of chemical reactions like decomposition, replacement, and synthesis.

Adeshina T. '25 (right) won the "Sounds of Stem" contest with an original rap on chemical reactions. Middle School Science Teacher, Carl Snell, helped him apply to the competition offered by ORISE, the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education.

The motivation for blending music and science came from a competition issued by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE), a U.S. Department of Energy asset. Girard’s Middle School Science Teacher, Carl Snell, heard about the Sounds of STEM competition, and encouraged his students to apply.

Adeshina took him up on the offer and worked after school every day for a week to compose and record the song. Mr. Snell then helped him upload the video and complete the application process. A few weeks later, the news came in – Adeshina’s song had won! As a winner in the Middle School division, he will be awarded a M3D Micro+ Printer and laptop.

“I was so happy that Mr. Snell helped me with this project,” Adeshina said. “It was hard work, but fun to put what we’re learning in science class into a rap.”

“Adeshina’s creativity was incredible,” Mr. Snell replied, “and I was happy to work with him to participate in this competition. Whenever we can bring a new aspect to how we teach the material, I’m all for it.”

Take a look and listen to Adeshina’s “Chemical Reactions Rap” and be inspired to get creative with STEM!

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