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Campus Life

In the spirit of Stephen Girard, Girard College educates the whole child. Nowhere is this more evident than in the residential program. Students learn life lessons about living in a community, enrich their school-day educational experiences, and pursue the school's core values of integrity, respect, self-discipline, compassion and responsibility.

RAs (residential advisors) live with students in gender and grade level-based groups and create a family atmosphere on campus. Students return to campus every Sunday evening and are dismissed to their families and guardians on Friday afternoons and for holidays.

The Girard College Elementary-Middle School Residential Program helps students embrace and learn life skills, core values and Girard’s mission. This occurs through implementation of a residential curriculum, Extended Day activities, monthly special activities and character-based events. Enriched activities help to create and sustain an engaged a community of learners, where it is cool to be smart and to learn. Learning occurs in small groups of 12-15 students, in classroom and dorms.

Residential experiences provide cultural, social and intellectual stimulation which prepares students to be successful, ethical and visionary leaders and scholars. The residential program has dedicated professionals who are passionate, caring, and highly skilled in “helping students to achieve academic and personal excellence”. The residential faculty help students seek success and excellence in their academics, character, extra-curricular activities, life skills, personal talents and interests.

One of the great value-adds of our residential experience is becoming a member of the “Girard Family." This unique bond brings together classmates, other Girard students, faculty (both academic and residential), administration and alumni to care for, affirm and support each other. This begins with friendships, mentors, role models and culminates into lifelong relationships when our scholars become a part of the larger Girard Family – as Girard sisters and brothers.

Throughout my 35 years working at Girard College I have been blessed to be a part of a team of individuals who witness the transformation that occurs when students embrace the philosophy that all Girard students can achieve their dreams. Quite often this is accomplished by students and their families being courageous and seeking the help they need from academic specialists, teachers, residential advisors, administration, counselors and social workers to overcome the “obstacles” blocking their path to success. Through these interventions, resources and supports, students are able to achieve academic success and personal excellence and strive to achieve their best lives as productive, engaged, global citizens and leaders of the world.

Marge Holmes
Elementary/Middle School Residential Dean

The role of the High School Residential program is to support the students through academic achievement and build character development as we prepare students for life beyond the walls of Girard College. Our residential curriculum is based in standards around Self Awareness and Self Management, Establishing and Maintaining Relationships, Decision-Making and Responsible Behavior while continuing to model our Core Values.

We have an Extended Day Program which provides activities that encompasses the following strands:

  • Advance Learning and Academic Support
  • Wellness/ Sports
  • STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math)
  • Creative and Performing Arts
  • Community Services

Our residential advisors (RAs) have made a commitment to improving the lives we touch everyday.

Our division has RAs with a wide range of experience and who truly understand the depth and breadth of a residential education. They know the nuances of being a Girardian. Many receive accolades long after students leave our school.

After two and a half decades and wearing many hats here, I have never been more in touch with our mission and our expectations for the students we serve. We know that you have entrusted us with your most precious cargo - your child and their education. We take pride in our work and accept the challenge.

We are partners in this journey and look forward to working towards the best destination - Commencement!

Kymelle Clark
High School Residential Dean Director of Counseling and Student Services