Founder's Hall Museum

Stephen Girard – merchant, banker and landowner – was the wealthiest man in American when he died in 1831. In an unprecedented act of philanthropy, he left his fortune to establish Girard College, originally endowed to educate “poor, white male orphans.”

Housed in a magnificent Greek Revival landmark, the Founder’s Hall Museum offers a glimpse into the complex life of America’s first multi-millionaire and illuminates the legacy of a school which has fascinated visitors since the 19th century, became the focus of a key Northern civil rights case in the 20th century, and continues to educate youth today.

Museum Open Hours

Due to renovation at Founder’s Hall, the museum is currently closed to in-person visitation.

You can explore the museum on your own through our virtual tour or join one of our guided virtual tours listed below.

Live Virtual Tours

May 15, 12-1 PM EST
June 1, 12-1 PM EST
June 12, 4-5 PM EST

Join us online for a free live virtual tour of Founder’s Hall and its museum with Director of Historical Resources, Kathy Haas. Each tour will feature a guided walk-through of Founder’s Hall at Girard College and its museum collections in real time within our 360-degree virtual tour, along with the opportunity for Q&A. Register on Eventbrite for Zoom call details.

Historical Campus Tours

Join us in-person for our monthly guided walking tour of the Girard College campus to explore its history and architecture and learn about the ongoing work of the school.

May 24, 3-4 PM EST
June 8, 3-4 PM EST

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